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17. October '16 13:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Liverpool FC vs Man United

What a match up for tonight in the Premier League, as Liverpool FC host Man United at home at Anfield. Looking at this match it is hard to predict the outcome, but when looking at current form, Liverpool FC does seem the stronger side. Man Untied does however posses one of the strongest teams in the world looking at the players, and if they performe tonight, it will be a difficult match for the home side.Premier League

Man United have struggled lately, and it seems that everyone in and around the club are more busy at blaming on eachother, than fixing the mistake. Tonight they face a trip to Anfield, where Liverpool FC awaits, and it will be a difficult match for Jose Mourinho and Man United. Liverpool FC have looked very strong in these first games of the new season, and with no European cups to worry about, Liverpool can keep full focus on the Premier League.