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1. November '16 16:55 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Lukaku to Juventus?

The big Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku have been in great shape for Everton in the Premier League this season, and the last season, and that have made the big striker a huge asset for Everton to sell at some point. Much is indiating that it could be happening soon, as many clubs are keen on signing the strong player. Romelu Lukaku

And one of the clubs is the Italian champions from Juventus, who will need a player with the attributes Lukaku holds when ever Mandzukic will leave the club, which he is expected to do latest in 2017.

Romelu Lukaku have been chased heavily by clubs like Chelsea FC and PSG, and have revealed today that he came very close to sign for Chelsea this summer. Only a talk with Koeman convinced the striker to stay at least one more season.