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5. November '16 07:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Lyon facing Bastia

Lyon managed to get a all important draw away form home in the Champions League against Juventus, something not many had thought would happen. But it will be interesting to see today how the midweek away game might have settled in the feet of the home side. Lyon are today facing Bastia in the Ligue 1, a match they are the favorite to win.Ligue 1

Lyon is always the favorite when playing Bastia at home, but this match today might get a little more interesting than first expected. Lyon have been struggling a bit this season, so they are in need of all the points they can get.

Lyon did however play a game in the midweek, in Torino where they faced Juventus. The French top side got a fantastic draw with them back home, with will be given them a lot of confidence, but also some tired legs, that is for sure.