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1. November '16 12:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Man City facing FC Barcelona

Man City facing FC Barcelona will be the biggest match of tonight in the Champions League. Man City have something to revenge as they got a hard beating in Spain for the first fixture, where Barcelona where truly superior to them. The Man City manager Pep Guardiola have stated that this match is a small final for them.UEFA-Champions-League

Today in the Champions League, we are in for a treat as Man City are facing the Spanish champions from FC Barcelona. Both teams are looking like a sure thing to make it to the next round, so this match could potentially be the decider for the number one position in the group.

Man City are however also looking to hit back at Barca, following the 4-0 defeat they got just two weeks ago in Spain. Man City did get the best possible practise before the match today, with a 0-4 win in the Premier League, with two goals from Sergio Aguero.

Man City have been struggling lately, and before the match against West Brom in the weekend, the top side from England had not won in the previous six games, which is unheard of for a side like Man City, who started the season so well as they did (10 games, 10 wins). It seems that the system Pep Guardiola is playing, is in need of a inform striker at the top, capable of doing great things on his own, and with Aguero lacking form lately, that might have been the reason for the downfall.

Looking at both Bayern and Barca where Guardiola have practiced this kind of football before, he have had players like Lionel Messi and Lewandowski on top to entertain the defenders from the opponent, with out the dangerous striker the defenders are free to setup a pressure, which Man City have struggled to find a way out of lately.

Man City are also lacking some defenders able to play with the ball at their feet, and that could be something that Barcelona are taking advantage of tonight, as they are the best team in the world to put pressure on the ball.

In my eyes, Barcelona ar the better side tonight, but a draw tonight for the Spanish champions is enough for them to be almost 100% sure on the first place in the group, so why do more?

Barcelona ‘only’ won 1-0 against Granada in the weekend in La Liga, and that might be enough for Man City to believe that they can beat Barcelona tonight, but I find it hard to believe.