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17. October '16 13:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Mane confident Liverpool will win

Tonight in the Premier League, a huge fixture will be played at Anfield when Liverpool face Man United. It is hard to predict the winner on paper, with Man United having the biggest players, but Liverpool have the best forma the moment. Sadio Mane the Liverpool FC winger is however confident that his team will win tonights monster clash in the Premier League.Sadio Mane

Liverpool FC are in great form in the Premier League, with four wins in a row. If you ask Sadio Mane the Liverpool FC winger, he is confident that Liverpool will extend the streak to five wins after tonight.

Liverpool FC can with a win get on 19 points which will give them a shared leading position in the Premier League, which really shows just have great the new season have been for the team so far.