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2. November '16 06:31 by Lotus Ladegaard

Mark Hughes: Red cards can be appealed – why not yellow cards?

As Stoke faced off against Swansea, Marko Arnautovic received his fifth yellow card in the season and is, thus, facing quarantine. Manager Mark Hughes finds it to be a flaw that red cards can be appealed, but not yellow cards.

marko-arnautovic-tottenham-stoke_3337738Monday evening, Stoke faced off against Swansea and won 3-1. During the match, Marko Arnautovic received his fifth yellow card this season and is, thus, facing a day’s quarantine.

Stoke manager Mark Hughes does not feel Marko Arnautovic should have been given a yellow card, but cannot appeal the card since it is yellow. According to the manager that is a mistake in the system.

-Red cards can be annulled, why can yellows not be? It needs to be looked at. At some point it is going to hurt, because you will receive a quarantine, when a certain amount has been gathered. That is the case with Arnautovic, Mark Hughes said.