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15. October '16 13:15 by Lotus Ladegaard

Martin Braithwaite received standing ovations

Friday evening, Toulouse beat Monaco 3-1 in a Ligue 1 showdown. Danish international Martin Braithwaite scored twice and received standing ovations as he left the pitch.

Martin-BraithwaiteMartin Braithwaite secured Toulouse a 3-1 victory as they faced off against Monaco, Friday evening with two goals in the last minutes of the match.

Toulouse manager Pascal Dupraz chose to pull Martin Braithwaite from the match ahead of the final whistle for the Danish player to receive standing ovations.

-I pulled Martin Braithwaite, so he could receive the ovations he deserved. I am happy on his behalf. Due to his tenacity, he always believe in himself, Toulouse manager Pascal Dupraz said to the club’s website.