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28. October '16 16:37 by Lotus Ladegaard

Massimiliano Allegri: Gonzalo Higuain’s presence alone is important

Gonzalo Higuain has not scored in the past four matches for Juventus. Manager Massimiliano Allegri, however, defends the striker and says even his presence is important.

Gonzalo HiguainGonzalo Higuain has been through some criticism since his transfer from Napoli to the arch-rivals from Juventus. Naturally Napoli supporters were far from happy with his transfer and on top of that, he was criticised for a poor fitness following the summer holiday. Nevertheless, the Argentinean striker started the season strong and quickly scored six goals in Serie A. In the past four matches, however, Gonzalo Higuain has not managed to score and that too has caused some criticism. Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri, however, defends his striker and says even his presence is important for the squad.

-First of all, even Higuain’s presence is important. He has scored seven goals for us and it can happen to any striker that he goes through a period without goals, manager Massimiliano Allegri said on a press conference ahead of Juventus’ match against Napoli, Saturday.

Massimiliano Allegri is certainly not worried about the lack of goals from his star striker. He feels strongly that he contributes with other things than just goals.

-When you play for Juventus other players will score too. Generally, I am satisfied with his contributions both in the offence as well as defence. It is not important to us whether Higuain scores. The most important thing is that we, in the end, wins the championship, Massimiliano Allegri said.

Saturday, Juventus and Gonzalo Higuain will face off against his former club, Napoli. Juventus is currently in first place of Serie A with 24 points in ten matches, just above Roma in second place with 22 points in ten matches. Napoli is currently in third place of the Serie A table with 20 points in ten matches, while AC Milan is in fourth place with 19 points in ten matches.┬áIt will be Gonzalo Higuain’s first match against his former club since the transfer.