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23. October '16 06:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Match of the Week in the Premier League

Today in the Match of the Week in the Premier League, we are as so many times before, in for a treat, as Chelsea are hosting Man United at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea FC are on the hunt for the top four, as they failed miserably last season, but with the new manager Conte on the sideline, things are looking bright for the top London side. Man United are struggling at the moment, but in the Euro League against Fenerbahce, they got he perfect premier, to this match with a 4-1 win. Jose-Mourinho-Jose-Mourinho-Wife-Chelsea-Chelsea-FC-CFC-Matilde-Mourinho-548546

Chelsea are today facing Man United, in a match that could potentially be very decisive for the rest of the season for both teams. Chelsea might look like a slight favorite, as they are playing at home, and have not had a midweek game to play. Man United did play against Fenerbahce in the midweek, but won comfortably with 4-1, which will be a confidence boost for the United side.