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19. October '16 06:57 by Lotus Ladegaard

Michael Zorc: It was one big disgrace

Tuesday evening, Dortmund faced off against Sporting CP in a Champions League match and won 1-2 on away. Dortmund Sports Director Michael Zorc is anything but impressed with Sporting CP’s sportsmanship and calls their behaviour a disgrace.

Dortmund fansWith 20 minutes left of Tuesday’s Champions League showdown between Sporting CP and Dortmund, Dortmund was in the lead with 1-2. Sporting CP pushed for a settlement, so much that they forgot all about fair-play, according to Dortmund Sports Director Michael Zorc.

A couple of times, Dortmund sent the ball out of the pitch due to a player being injured, but Sporting CP did not give Dortmund the ball back afterwards, which is otherwise usually done.

-I have never experienced such bad sportsmanship like this in 30 years. It was one big disgrace. Twice, they did not give us back the ball even though we had a player injured. That is not fair play, Michael Zorc said.