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2. November '16 13:39 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Mourinho confirms, Schweinsteiger is back!

It was reported that the German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger had returned to the first team training in Man United on monday, after he had been frozen out completely form the squad by Jose Mourinho. Now the manager for United have confirmed that the German player is indeed back in training.Schweinsteiger

The German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is back in Man United, but it seems that it is still the plan to let him go this winter.

Jose Mourinho have stated that: ‘It is the human and professional decision to bring him back to the team. He will be much better prepared in case his future decision is to leave the club’

Mourinho did say that if he decides to stay with the club, he will just be another option in the midfield, not in the defense, where he is missing some players.