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17. October '16 12:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Mourinho in trouble, before the game?!

Jose Mourinho in trouble even before the game tonight? ‘The Special One’ have really outdone himself this time. It is no secret that Mourinho have been known for causing trouble and getting fined by the FA following comments made about referees and other managers, but before the game tonight against Liverpool, Mourinho have already put himself in the firing line after commenting on the referee Anthony Taylor.Mourinho

Jose Mourinho decided to answer a question about tonight referee Anthony Taylor, which many Liverpool fans does not want to referee tonights fixture against Man United, as Taylor lives just five miles from Old Trafford.

Despite being advised not to answer any questions about the referee before the match by everyone, Mourinho decided to answer the question, and depite him answering in the most diplomatic way ever, he could still be facing some punishment for it. Mourinho also commented on the German Liverpool manager J├╝rgen Klopp and his style on the sideline, by making fun of the German, something which might not have been all to clever as well.