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26. October '16 12:05 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Mourinho: ‘Life at Manchester is a disaster’

It looked so good for Mourinho in the first few games at United. His team was only top players, and the results where close to perfect. But at the moment, his team is not performing at all, and many of the players are now stating that they are frustrated by the way Mourinho is managing the team. Jose-Mourinho-Jose-Mourinho-Wife-Chelsea-Chelsea-FC-CFC-Matilde-Mourinho-548546

But there might be a reason for the lack of involvement in the management by Mourinho as he himself are struggling to settle at Man United. The manager have stated that the fact that he is currently living out of a hotel, with paparazzi waiting around the corner always, is stressing him.

The managers family is currently living in London, where they moved when Mourinho managed Chelsea, so ‘the special one’ is feeling alone at the moment.

Some unlike-Mourinho comments made before the big Manchester derby tonight in the EFL cup.