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21. October '16 09:31 by Lotus Ladegaard

Mourinho praises Pogba while he praises Rooney

After Manchester United 4-1 victory against Fenerbahce in Europa League, manager Jose Mourinho praises Paul Pogba’s performance, while the striker praises Wayne Rooney and the respect he was given from the Captain.

paul-pogbaThursday evening, Manchester United faced off against Fenerbahce in an Europa League match and won 4-1. Paul Pogba scored twice and manager Jose Mourinho is very happy with the striker’s performance.

Paul Pogba has been met with a lot of criticism after his record-breaking transfer to Manchester United, this summer. Yesterday evening, however, he kicked off the affair with a goal on a penalty and a goal shortly before the break. Manager Jose Mourinho was full of praise for the striker after the match. He feels the criticism of him has been unfair.

-Two days ago, he was the worst player in Premier League, and now, 48 hours later, he is a phenomenon. He needs time. I am happy with his performance, because he has given us what we needed, manager Jose Mourinho said according to the BBC.

-They came with a good defensive tactic and manage to stop us in the beginning, but after two goals – both very clear penalties – we played with much more quality.

-After the fourth goal, we stopped playing, and they capitalised on it by scoring a goal. I am never satisfied with letting in goals. We lacked some concentration, but it is natural with players when you make a lot of changes. I can accept that.

Paul Pogba, who scored his first goal on a penalty about half an hour into the match praises Wayne Rooney for the respect he has shown him. Wayne Rooney gave way for Paul Pogba on the penalty.

-I told Wayne that I wanted to take the penalty, and he stepped aside. I am happy to have been able to score that goal, and I am grateful that Wayne allowed me to execute it. That is showing me great respect.

-I feel at home with the squad. It is still early on in the season, so there is still a lot of games to be played, and the goal is to be in top until the very end, Pogba said.