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26. October '16 14:31 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Mourinho says ‘Sorry’ to the fans

It is no secret that Man United experienced somewhat of a whooping last weekend when facing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League. The match ended with the result 4-0, and that was something the fans where not at all happy about. After the match Mourinho did not speak many words other than frustration and disspointment, but now he have had time to think. jose Mourinho

It has been some hard days for Mourinho these days, where have revealed that he does not at all like the life he is having at United at the moment.

Following the defeat 4-0 to Chelsea last weekend, many fans where looking for a explanation, without Mourinho giving it.

But now the manager have spoken about the result, and Mourinho says Sorry for the result to the fans, something we do not see that often.