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5. November '16 06:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Nantes facing Toulouse

Toulouse had a great start to the new season, but with a defeat and a draw in the latest two games, they have fallen down to sixth in the table (it is close in the French Ligue 1 this year). Today however, they are facing a trip to Nantes, in what could be a small final for the away side. Does Toulouse win today, they are back fighting for the European spots, if they don’t, they are out.Ligue 1

Nantes are not at all a difficult opponent for a top side in France, so this is the perfect match for Toulouse to show, that they truly are the topside this season. In the last two games for Touluse they have dropped five points, and that have caused them to fall to a sixth place in the table before this match.

Nantes is not a side many consider to do great things this season, other than avoid relegation, and currently placed in the middle of the table, they are doing just so.