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5. November '16 07:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Napoli facing Lazio

Today in the Italian Serie A, we are in for a treat, as the historic fixture, Napoli facing Lazio will be played. Both teams are stronger home sides than away, and looking at the players, Napoli are the favorite for this fixture. But this match is played with so much passion it is unlike the match will run as many might predict.Serie A 2016-17

Napoli are currently ‘struggling’ or they are having trouble winning, but they have been faced with some difficult opponents, and difficult away games. Tonight however they are looking to show their rivals from Lazio, just how great they are.

Lazio are know to be a good home side, and if they have had the advantage of playing at home, they might have been a small favorite, but tonight when Napoli are playing in front of the home fans, it will be a win for the home side.