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20. October '16 14:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Napoli failed against Besiktas

Before the match between the Italian top side Napoli and the Turkish side Besiktas, did not much indicate that the Italian home side would have any problems what so ever winning the match. But that was proven wrong many times last night, not due to poor play by Napoli, but due to exceptional use of chances by the visiting side.Manolo-Gabbiadini-SSC-Napoli-v-Juventus-FC-qi1QPLyVa6il

It is not often that three chess results in three goals, but that was exactly what happened last night, when Besiktas secured an important 2-3 win against Napoli in Italy.

Besiktas was put under pressure for the majority of the match, but clinical finishing, and mistakes at the back from Napoli was the reason for three goals for the visiting side. Fantastic performance by Besiktas, who might not at all have counted on three points last night.