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26. October '16 11:45 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Napoli have to win

Napoli have struggled in the first half of the Italian Serie A. Normally they are a team among the very top in the Serie A, and they still are but title candidates, they are not this year. The decided to sell Higuain to Juventus this summer, and that have proven costly for the topside, as they struggle to score goals at the moment.Serie A

Tonight they are facing Empoli in the Serie A, and Napoli really have to win this fixture if they wont to continue to be among the top teams in Italy. Eversince they sold Higuain this summer, they have struggled to score goals, and the player bought to replace the Argentine Milik, have suffered a knee injury, which will keep him out for at least six months from now.

Napoli are under pressure to win tonight, and I think they will be able to live up to the pressure and win securely.