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18. October '16 14:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Nasri happy at Sevilla

The French winger Samir Nasri have went out on loan from Man City in England to Sevilla in Spain, and that does seem like the right choice for the 29-year old player. Sevilla have got of to a great start to the new campaign where they currently sit third in the League. That is of cause due to fantastic team play, but especially great performances from Nasri have made it possible for Sevilla.Samir Nasri

The former Arsenal winger Samir Nasri have had some difficult times in his career the past season, but went out on loan to Sevilla in Spain this season, and that was a good idea. The Frenchmen have just stated that he has found the joy of football once again, and two goals in six games does show a new side of Nasri, only shown back at Marseille as a young prospect.

Sevilla have got of to a great start in the La Liga, where they currently sit third.