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6. November '16 07:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Nice facing Caen

Nice are having a fantastic season, but in the way they have been playing recently, many doubt they will be able to continue. The top side from France currently leading the table have got the points needed, but looking at the way they have played, it has been more luck than great football. Today they are facing a trip to Caen, which should not cause the leading team any troubles.Ligue 1

But you never know with Nice. In the midweek they suffered a defeat at home to Salzburg, and they wa ythey played in that fixture, despite the fixture being very important indicates that sometimes they suffer a meltdown.

Today against Caen they will have to prove that the reason for the meltdown in the midweek, was to have fresh legs for the Ligue 1, as it is their main focus at the moment.