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1. November '16 15:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

No punishment for Insigne

When Napoli played Juventus in the Serie A this weekend, and lost, did the Italian winger Lorenzo Insigne, who have been surrounded by bad news these weeks, clearly show that he was not happy with the decision of subbing him of. But the anger towards the manager will not be getting punished have the Napoli manager stated before he fixture tonight in the Champions League.Lorenzo-Insigne-9fcd2c159a440c709d036354e77f1c67.jpg

Insigne was not at all happy by leaving the pitch before time in the match against Juventus this weekend. But the winger will not be getting any punishment for his reaction have Sarri stated, the manager of Napoli.

Napoli are tonight playing a very important fixture against Besiktas in the Champions League, and without Insigne on the field, it will look difficult for the Italian side, as he is not only a key player, but one of the best Italian players at the moment.