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16. October '16 15:50 by Lotus Ladegaard

Paulo Dybala: We have to improve

Juventus is currently in first place of La Liga with five points down to Roma in second and seven points down to Napoli in third, but Juventus profile Paulo Dybala says they still need to improve.

Paulo DybalaSaturday, Juventus defeated Udinese 2-1, which gives them a five points lead down to Roma in second place of the Serie A table and seven points down to Napoli in third place.

Juventus is due to face off against exactly those Serie A rivals in the upcoming period. Paulo Dybala says they must improve before those showdowns.

-We have to improve on our ball possession. We have to continue like this – with thinking step by step. We are entering an important month that is very crucial to us, Paulo Dybala said.