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26. October '16 13:40 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Pedro did talk with Barca last summer!

Pedro is playing well at Chelsea the moment, and getting more and more gametime. In the match against Man United in the weekend the Spanish winger was the best player in the first half. Now the winger have confirmed that yes, he was in contact with his former side FC Barcelona this summer regarding a transfer back to the Catalans.first-words--pedro.img.png

Pedro could have ended in Barcelona again this summer. The winger have just confirmed that yes he was indeed in contact with the club, but a move was never ‘about to happen’. The winger have stated that the media picked up on the news, but that they made it bigger than it was.

Pedro was never close to moving back to Spain, but he was in talks with the club. Pedro was not getting the gametime he needed last season in the Premier League, therefor he where looking for a move this summer.