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18. October '16 16:11 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Pepe considering Chelsea move?

It seems that the 33-year old defender Pepe currently playing for Real Madrid, could be considering a move to join Chelsea for what might be his final big contract of his career. The reason for the rumors is that Pepe apparently is not happy with the contract Real Madrid have shown him, which is only a one year extension, Pepe is going for a two year extension.Pepe-ee4c29b669f8d0bbd1bdde6ce3df8e08.jpg

It could be that the 33-year old defender Pepe could be joining Chelsea this summer, if his demands to a contract renewal from Real Madrid is not met. Pepe who joined Real Madrid from Porto back in 2007, would like to get a two year extension, but Real Madrid have according to the rumors only handed him a one year deal.