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31. October '16 16:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Pepe injured!

Real Madrid are at the moment with out Sergio Ramos, but it seems that they have to be without their other central defender in Pepe, as the news have just emerged that Pepe is out for weeks with an injury to the thigh. Pepe have been linked with a move to Man United this summer, as his contract expires.Pepe-ee4c29b669f8d0bbd1bdde6ce3df8e08.jpg

With the great news that Gareth Bale have signed a new long term deal with Real Madrid, some sad news have also emerged as it seems that Pepe is out with an injury to the thigh for weeks to come. Pepe have been a key player for the past seasons, and with both Ramos and Pepe out, it will be interesting to see how Real Madrid will deal with the problem.