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22. October '16 14:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Perez not happy with current role

Arsenal struggled to get the players they wanted this summer in the transfer window, but at the moment, everything is going great on the pitch for the top English side. However, outside the pitch, some of the new players are being left out, and that is a frustration for especially the new Spanish striker Lucas Perez, who where expecting a bigger role at Arsenal. Lucas-Perez

It seemed like a dream move for Perez when he joined Arsenal this summer for a massive amount of money, but until now the striker have yet to really get the chance. That is something that frustrates the player, and he has just stated that he ‘had hoped for a bigger role in Arsenal.’

At the moment Arsenal are playing great football, and there is really no need for changing the team, maybe Perez have to ‘hope for’ bad results for his team.