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21. October '16 13:20 by Lotus Ladegaard

Peter Stöger: I would not bet on us

Even though, FC Köln currently is in second place of the Bundesliga, manager Peter Stöger says he would not bet on a championship and is surprised that so many in Cologne has done so.

FC-Koln-43337fe47b379c949b23407956e90944.jpgFC Köln has had a bit of a dream start to the season. They are currently just a single place and two points below Bayern Munich in first place of the Bundesliga.

According to ESPN, a bookmaker in Cologne has so far received 70 tickets with FC Köln as German Champions and odds have dropped from 999 to 400.

Manager Peter Stöger would, however, not bet on them as German champions.

-It is not allowed for me to bet on it, but even if I could and I wanted to be on the safe side, I would not bet on it, Peter Stöger said according to ESPN.

-I am very surprised that a number of people in Cologne have bet on it, and I am fearful that more will bet money on it.