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26. October '16 15:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Possible transfer for Aguero??

Possible transfer for Aguero? The rumors have emerged lately, and does seem rather strange as the striker have devoted himself to Man City for a long term contract recently. But with the recent form for the player, and the fact that Guardiola have spoken negatively about him lately, and transfer might not be all to unrealistic.Sergio-Aguero-014-735x400

Sergio Aguero is struggling at the moment. The striker who started the season like never before, have been goalless for some time now, and are struggling to put in the performance we know he can.

That have left to speculations about a possible transfer this winter already, as Gabriel Jesus will come from Brazil to make the competition even harder for the Argentine striker. The price for Aguero will be huge though, but with PSG on the hunt for a new striker, could this be happening?