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23. October '16 08:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

PSG facing Marseille

The defending champions in the French Ligue 1 PSG, are today facing a team from the south of France, Marseille. PSG have struggled a bit in the first games, but look like a team to have found their old form again, that have how ever given room for some other teams to mingle at the top. This is a must win game for PSG, if they won’t to keep hold on the top teams. thiago-silva-psg-jean-kevin-augustin_3338494

The French Ligue 1 are a lot more exciting this year, than it have been for the past many years. A lot is due to the poor form by PSG, something they can not afford to continue today.

In Paris, Marseille is visiting, and it is hard to see how the former top side Marseille can do anything today to win, or even gain some points, it is all up to PSG. If they play well they will win, if they dont, any thing can happen.