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26. October '16 15:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

PSG looking at strikers

PSG might be on the hunt for a new striker this winter, as Cavani have not at all lived up the role this season. Cavani is a great player, but have struggled when the pressure is on him to score. With Zlatan up top, it was different, as the pressure was on Zlatan. Ben Arfa was brought in this summer, but he has not yet convinced Emery that he is the best option for PSG.thiago-silva-psg-jean-kevin-augustin_3338494

So who should they get?

Normally a team like PSG would go for the best of the best, but they might struggle to do so in the winter transfer window. A team who might be willing to sell in this window for the right price might be Real Madrid, who hold both Morata and Benzema as brilliant strikers, they could be an option in the Ligue 1 for PSG.

If you look towards England and the Premier League, Lukaku from Everton seem like a perfect candidate, and have been linked with PSG before. If Everton would sell him without a replacement, could be the tipping point.