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1. November '16 14:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

PSV facing Bayern Munich

PSV are known to have some talented players, which all the big clubs are looking to buy when ever they can. At the moment though it is hard to point out the next big thing out of PSV, which is also showing on the results in the League, where the top side is falling behind of Feyenoord and Ajax at the top. Tonight they re playing Bayern Munich, a candidate to win the title this year, and it really does seem difficult for the home side tonight.UEFA-Champions-League

Bayern Munich are looking stronger and stronger by the minute, and with a fresh away victory against Augsburg in the Bundesliga with them to Holland, it does seem rather difficult for the home side PSV to do anything tonight.

The only good thing for the home side is, that they have nothing to loose, and that could be the thing to give them a great result tonight. I do believe that Bayern are looking to close the group as fast as possible, and they can do that with a win today.