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26. October '16 14:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Real Madrid back in the Copa del Rey

Real Madrid is tonight playing the Copa del Rey against Leonesa, in a match the giants from Real Madrid are massive favorite to win. Real Madrid have a lot to make up for, as they where thrown out of the tournament last year following somewhat of a scandale.isco real madrid

Real Madrid are not having pleasant memories from last seasons Copa Del Rey, despite winning their game against Cadiz with 3-1, the return match was never played, as Real Madrid had used an illegal player in the match, something of a rare occurrence at this level of the game.

Tonight they are once again to be found in the Copa del Rey, and lets hope that they have checked the teamsheet for bans more than once, just to make sure they don’t make the same scandale of a mistake, as they did last year.

Real Madrid are in great shape at the moment, and just like with FC Barcelona, they are expected to win every single tournament they compete in.