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18. October '16 11:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Real Madrid extends with Modric

Great news from the Spanish giants Real Madrid, who have just extended the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric’s contract so it now runs until 2020. At the moment Modric is out with an injury, but he has been a key player for Real Madrid ever since he joined the club a few seasons back from Tottenham in the English Premier League.Luka-Modrić-Real-Madrid-1

FC Barcelona have signed new deals with some key players, but now the rivals from Real Madrid have also announced that they have signed a new deal with a key player. It is the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, who have been given a contract running until 2020. At the moment Modric is out with a injury, but he have proven himself as a key player for the past three seasons at least. Luka Modric did have a contract running until 2018, but that have now been extended with two years.