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18. October '16 12:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Real Madrid facing Legia

Legia are tonight faced with more than a challenge as they take the trip to Spain to face the giants from Real Madrid. Not only are Real Madrid a much better side than Legia, they are also in a much better form than the away side. Real Madrid are (if it needs to be told) a massive favorite for not only this fixture, but also to win the tournament, and that does take a easy win tonight to keep those believes.UEFA-Champions-League

Real Madrid are without Casemiro, Modric and Sergio Ramos at the moment, three key players who have had a impact on the way the strong side has performed. Lately though, everything have been back to normal, and that is not good news for Legia who face a trip to Madrid tonight, to try and survive the attack from the big Spanish side.

Not much speak in favor of Legia to get anything from the match, this will be a sure win for Real Madrid.