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22. October '16 15:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Reid happy with ‘important goal’

Today when West Ham faced Sunderland in the Premier League, it was a match of huge value for both sides, but mainly for West Ham, as they are far from where they had hoped to be at this point in the season. Winston Reid secured the 1-0 win in the 94th minute, and that was a goal the defender was very pleased about, naturally.Winston-Reid-b1c783f179296cc5d237105dd5e82e97.jpg

It is not very often that Winston Reid gets in the score sheet, and when he does it is likely not to be a super important goal, but that is exactly have the defender describes the goal he scored today as.

Winston Reid was the man behind the 1-0 goal, scored in the 94th minute for West Ham, to secure the win against Sunderland, a win to push West Ham away from the bottom, and a win that might take some of the massive pressure on the team away.