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20. October '16 15:08 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Result: Celta drew with Ajax

It was a grat match to watch for the spectators, with two teams to really show what they are made of. The match waved back and forth, and in the end it all ended with a rather fair draw 2-2. The entertainment was always there, and Ajax looked like a team, which might be able to go far this year. 1414875177584_Image_galleryImage_epa04472700_Celta_Vigo_s_

It started out grat for Ajax, as they took the lead after just 22 minutes, but just seven minutes later, Celta was back in the game with the equalizer from Fontas. In the second half it was a very even match, but Ajax once again took the lead towards the end, to make it 1-2. The Celta defense did not look good in tha situation. But nine minutes before the final whistle, Celta secured the one point on a fantastic goal.