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15. October '16 12:02 by Lotus Ladegaard

Roma beats Napoli 1-3 on away

Saturday afternoon, Roma faced off against Napoli on away and won 1-3. Edin Dzeko scored twice, while Mohamed Salah scored a single goal in the last minutes of the match.

Edin DzekoSaturday afternoon, Napoli played AS Roma at Stadio San Paolo. Napoli was without Arek Milik and that showed. Both teams had chances in the first half, Roma probably a few more than Napoli, but neither of the teams managed to score. With just a few minutes left of the half, Kalidou Koulibaly made a huge mistake and lost the ball to Roma’s Mohamed Salah, who passed it across the box to Edin Dzeko, who sent the ball into goal and Roma in the lead with 0-1, which was also the score at halftime.

Less than ten minutes into the second half, Elseid Hysaj did his best trying to guard Edin Dzeko, but failed miserably. From a standing position, Edin Dzeko held Elseid Hysaj at bay and headed the ball into goal and thus doubled Roma’s lead to 0-2.

The lead, however, would only last a few minutes when Kalidou Kolibaly made amends for his mistake in the first half. Kalidou Koulibaly received the ball in the box, where he rose up and headed it into goal and reduced Roma’s lead to 1-2.

About half an hour later, Mohamed Salah broke through Napoli’s defence and kicked the ball into goal and increased Roma’s lead to 1-3, which was also the final result of the match.

With the victory today, AS Roma overtakes Napoli in the Serie A table, which means that Roma is currently in second place of Serie A with 16 points in eight matches, while Napoli currently is in third place of the table with 14 points also in eight matches.

Juventus is currently in first place of Serie A with 18 points, but only in seven matches. Just below Napoli is Lazio in fourth place with 13 points in seven matches, closely followed by Chievo and AC Milan who both have 13 points in seven matches.