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20. October '16 14:06 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Rooney will start for United!!

It has been a season with many ups and downs for Man United, and especially the captain Wayne Rooney. Rooney started the season fantastic, just like all the other United players, but have experienced a massive downfall in the recent weeks. It ‘topped’ against Liverpool FC, where the captain where benched, and also for the English national side, was Rooney forced to watch from the sideline. football-premier-league-wayne-rooney-manchester-united-v-hull_3235215

But tonight when Man United are facing Fenerbahce at home at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney will be back for the Red Devils. This is a postive development for the midfielder, who have been a key player for United before, but have lacked to find his old form in the recent seasons.