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20. October '16 11:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Shakthar facing Gent

Shakhtar Donetsk is facing Gent in the Euro League, this match could get action packed, but Shaktar does look like a secure winner in this fixture. The team from Ukraine are known to have many Brazilian players in the team, capable of doing spectacular things. It has been a while since that last lost a home game in this tournament.20130512205925!UEFA_Europa_League_logo

Shakhtar is looking like a massive favorite against Gent tonight in the Euro League. The home team from Shakhtar have been impressive at home, always, and with Gent having a sketchy season so far, it does look like a sure win for Shakhtar.

However, this tournament host some strange results, and if Gent are able to shot down the dangerous attack from Shakhtar, they might get something with them back to Belgium.