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22. October '16 07:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Silva to join Juventus?

A massive move could be on the way as the rumors emerge that the Brazilian defender Thiago Sivla could be moving to Juventus on a free transfer when ever his contract expires this summer with PSG in France. Silva have before played in the Serie A, as he had some very succesful years in AC Milan before joining PSG in France. Thiago Silva

Juventus have had great luck be bringing in players on a free transfer, latest with Pirlo, who where by AC Milan stamped as ‘too old’, Pirlo then went on to play some of his best years in Juventus. Now it is reported that Thiago Silva could be facing a move to Juventus this summer, when his contract at PSG expires.

Thiago Silva have been among the best players in the world ever since he joined PSG, and have been linked with many other clubs as well. A move to Barcelona might also be happening for the defender.