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19. October '16 14:58 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Spanish top sides to monitor Chamberlain?

The English winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have made it very clear, that the amount of gametime he is getting at the moment at Arsenal, is simply not enough for the young player, once made out to be the next big thing in England. That have of cause spiked the interest not only for other English clubs, but also in Spain where some interesting ones are following the situation closely. alex-oxlade-chamberlain-arsenal_3357674

Chamberlain is not getting the minutes on the pitch for Arsenal at the moment, and that is something the winger is not at all happy with. A move to a different Premier League side seems likely, but now interest from Spain have emerged.

It seems that both Sevilla and Valencia are monitoring the situation and the player closely at the moment, and could be tempted to offer the winger a deal next summer, or already this winter.