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29. October '16 04:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Sunderland facing Arsenal

Sunderland are having a hard time in the Premier League at the moment, and not much is indicating that they will today be able to turn things around. In the midweek they played Southampton, in a match where they followed the top side for the most part, but in the end lost, which describes the season so far for Sunderland pretty good.Premier League

Today they are facing Arsenal, a team which have been playing fantastic football lately, and even had a chance to spare some of the key players and still win in the midweek EFL Cup match.

Despite the home advantage for Sunderland in this match, Arsenal have to be considered favorites to win. But Sunderland can not continue in the path they have been for longer, so they will have to do everything to turn things around, and a win today against Arsenal could be the boos they are needing.