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30. October '16 06:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Sunderland lost, once again

It is fantastic to see how the crowd and fans of Sunderland, week after week follow their team all around England, especially at the moment, where the results are simply not there for the team. Newcastle United, the rivals have won a Premier League match more recent that Sunderland, despite being in the Championship at the moment, which sums up the problem perfectly. Olivier Giroud

There is a massive pressure on David Moyes, who with the fixture against Arsenal yesterday, for a short pride of time seemed to have given his team some extra boost, but for the majority of the game, Sunderland looked uninspired.

Arsenal controlled the first half, and should have been leading with more than the 0-1 lead that they had.

Sunderland got back in the second half with a goal from the penalty spot, but after that, they where run over by Arsenal and Giroud.

1-4 was the final result.