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30. October '16 12:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Sunderland with the record!

Sunderland have got of to a terrible start to the new season, and point wise, they are now they have just been given the record as the worst start to a season ever in the Premier League, following the defeat to Arsenal yesterday. It was expected that Arsenal would win, but Sunderland are looking more and more like a Championship team next season.David Moyes

It has been difficult for Sunderland this season, and it seems that the bad luck surrounding David Moyes ever since he joined Man United from Everton, have followed him first to Real Sociedad, and now back to England at Sunderland.

With the defeat yesterday to Arsenal, Sunderland become team to get of to the worst start ever in a Premier League season, a record the historic team can not be proud of…