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1. November '16 15:10 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Team news: Aguero is back for City

The Argentine Sergio Aguero have been struggling lately to score and perform in the level we all know he can, but in the weekend, Aguero was back for City, and he scored two great goals. Tonight against FC Barcelona he is back in the starting 11 when the top English side is playing FC Barcelona in the Champions League. sergio-aguero-13-free-wallpaper

FC Barceona won the picture two weeks ago against Man City comfortably with 4-0, but City are hoping to revenge that tonight when facing Barcelona in Manchester. Sergio Aguero did not start in the first match, to much surprise to many, but as the starting lineups have just come through, it is clear that the striker will be playing for City tonight.

Auger did score two goals, and deliver a great performance in the weekend against West Brom.