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28. October '16 18:12 by Lotus Ladegaard

Thomas Müller: In the future I will let my colleagues take the penalties

Thomas Müller missed on a penalty in the DFB Cup during the week and, now, he says he will not be taking any penalties in the future. He has already refrained from the penalties on the German national team.

Thomas-Müller-c92ba8df17d6c4dd200a480ef74b51b1.jpgThomas Müller is yet to score his first goal, this season. Wednesday, he had the chances as he was given a penalty, but he missed. It is the fifth missed penalty from the Bayern Munich profile since August 2015.

Thomas Müller is annoyed and upset with himself and has thus chosen to refrain from taking the penalties in the future.

-The missed penalties are really annoying, and they bother me, Thomas Müller said according to Bild.

-In the future, I will think about the match and let my colleagues take the penalties, he continued.