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22. October '16 09:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Tottenham still unbeaten this season, but…

The first match of the round in the Premier League this weekend, was between Bournemouth and the title candidates from Tottenham Hotspurs. From the get go, it was the home side where the best team in the match, and the most dangerous which can’t be satisfying for Tottenham, as they continue to struggle creating chances in front of goal. harry-kane-tottenham-hotspur-europa-league_3225921

Bournemouth have the most joy of a 0-0 draw against Tottenham, and today it showed that the homeside simply had more to give than Tottenham.

Tottenham are great at defending, and once again got a clean sheet, but just as good as they are defending, they lack in creating open chances. Not one big chance for the London side today, and a much deserved point for Bournemouth, who played a great game.