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18. October '16 14:43 by Oliver Dehnhardt

United to step up Coleman interest?

It does seem that the United manager Jose Mourinho is on the look for a new right back, despite have Valencia doing a great job for the club at the moment. This summer Man United where heavily linked with the Monaco right back Fabinho, but the Brazilian remained in Ligue 1. Now it seems that United have fallen for a player from the Premier League, Seamus Coleman from Everton. coleman-chelsea-516315

Man United are currently on the look for at new right back, as Valencia are not a perfect fit for the position. For the moment, the former winger are doing a good job at the position, but he does not seem like a solution for the longest of times.

Now it is rumored that Seamus Coleman from Everton have emerged as a main target for Man United this summer, to replace Valencia at the right back position.