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30. June '16 06:00
Selfies are for everyone

The selfie trend is here to stay And of course football players are taking part in that tr(..)

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30. June '16 03:00
Field crashers!

Some people just want to be part of the game

29. June '16 06:00
Can you identify these players by their tattoos?

How well do you know your favourite player's tattoos?

29. June '16 03:00
Unbelievable free kicks - Wauw!

20 Amazing free kicks Players using the full potential of free kicks!

28. June '16 12:30
Did you not just join the game?

When a manager makes a substitution on the pitch it can be for many reasons One reason can(..)

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28. June '16 10:00
These boots are made for playing

Do you know your players by the feet? Can you identify your favorite players by simply loo(..)

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28. June '16 07:00
Dancing Footballers

Though they are footballers they can also use their legs for dancing

22. June '16 08:45
Ronaldo throws reporter’s microphone in the water

Ronaldo looks like a man under pressure before today’s Euro match against Hungary Portug(..)

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21. June '16 07:10
Hot wives and girlfriends of footballers

They are great at what they do with a football, and they make a lot of money doing so So o(..)

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20. June '16 09:00
Ronaldo is a nice guy

Even though Ronaldo had far from a good match Saturday night at the Euros, as he missed a penalt(..)

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18. June '16 15:30
Crazy ball boys

As a ball boy your game time is really limited during a match So what do you do? - Apparen(..)

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15. June '16 09:00
Happy Birthday Michael Laudrup

It is one of the best, if not THE best Danish footballer ever, Michael Laudrup’s birthday toda(..)

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14. June '16 09:00
Nike Football: The Switch

Nike has produced this amazing little movie

13. June '16 09:30
Red card - Really?

There can be many reasons for a referee to hand out a red card But in these cases, they mi(..)

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10. June '16 05:00
Euro 2016 strikers to watch

Tonight the Euro 2016 in France will kick-off But who are the deadly strikers to watch for(..)

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9. June '16 05:00
Is this football or gymnastics?

Some players are just more acrobatic than others Here some amazing bicycle kicks.

8. June '16 07:00
Stop it - we are on the same team

Football rivals like to humiliate each other on field, and sometimes off too But why would(..)

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7. June '16 05:00
Funny own goals

One of the worst things a footballer can do is to score in his own goal Here is a Top 10 (..)

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6. June '16 04:00
Female referees

Top 5 over sexiest female referees There are not many of them, but this Top 5 shows that i(..)

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3. June '16 03:00
Penalty fails

It’s hard to believe that some of these players actually make a killing playing ball Top(..)

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2. June '16 07:30
Funny goals

Funny goals are always a delight! Some are weird, some are accidental, some are just lucky(..)

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2. June '16 04:30
Old man's got skills!

Fake oldie showing the youngsters how it is done.

1. June '16 10:00
How about some weird penalty kicks?

Here you go. A top 5 of the weirdest penalty kicks ever taken. There are some brilliant ones among.

31. May '16 09:00
The official Euro 2016 song

It is the last day of May, meaning tomorrow will be June, meaning the month where the Euro 2016 (..)

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30. May '16 09:23
Funny moments in football

Monday always calls for some cheering up Here are some funny moments in football to bright(..)

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23. May '16 09:30
Road Runner go home

Most football players are fast runners, and some are really fast runners When it comes to(..)

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23. May '16 05:28
The big stars before they became stars

Before they became world famous football stars, they obviously were playing football Here (..)

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18. May '16 07:00
Euro 2012 goals

There is less than one month till the Euro 2016 kick off On June 10th Euro 2016 kicks off (..)

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12. May '16 09:40
Tragic moments on field

It is not all just fun and games in the world of football Like in every other part of life(..)

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4. May '16 07:27
Pelé: Birth of a legend

The Brazilian mega star Pelé’s life story is coming to life in a new movie The movie, a(..)

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